Linkedin Pulse: 15 Australian Legal Start Ups and New Law Firms to Watch in 2017

Law Squared was recently featured as one of the 15 Australian law firms to watch in 2017 by Dominic Woolrych on Linkedin Pulse. Read the full story on Linkedin, or the excerpt below:


By Dominic Woolrych, Linkedin

With the words ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ on the tip of everyone's tongue it’s an exciting and interesting time to be working in the legal industry. In the last few years we've seen a dramatic increase in new law firms and legal tech companies entering the market. These companies are challenging the traditional business model by focusing on technology to create efficiencies both within the organisation and directly for the client.

I’ve combed through an ever-growing number of Australian legal tech startups and new law firms to find 15 that I believe will shape the way legal services are delivered in the near future.

No.9: Law Squared
Founded in 2015 by Demetrio Zema. Law Squared is a new-gen legal offering focused on servicing the needs of entrepreneurs and start-ups through a fixed fee, outcome-based collaborative service. Providing a remote, supportive, holistic environment for staff resulting in excellent employee and client satisfaction.

This article written by Dominic Woolrych was written for Linkedin on February 13, 2017

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