The 5 kinds of propositions your firm needs to consider

Every business coach we meet comes to us with the same mindset of becoming the
ultimate coach in the industry. Be in by way of Instagram or YouTube fame, we see
business coaches going into business without a real unique proposition. Aesthetics
alone will not set you apart. Below are 5 unique propositions you should have and
address in your business to set yourself apart from the rest:

1.Unique Selling Proposition
2.Unique Value Proposition
3.Irresistible Offer
4.Unique Safety Proposition
5.Unique Experience Proposition

A client’s reaction to the price of your service is determined by the value proposition
attached to that price. Clients will engage your services ahead of a competitor if they
feel that your brand offers greater value. We will address each of these propositions
in turn with a specific question you should address. We recommend that you work
through your own business plan or pricing strategy in addressing each of these

1.Unique Selling Proposition

Why would a client choose to do business with you rather than a competitor?
Your business and each of its services should hold a unique selling proposition.
What’s different about the coaching packages you offer?

2.Unique Value Proposition

How do you present price for your service and what is the justification of the
price to the client?
The best value proposition finds a way to make price a non-issue or to make the
service pay for itself.

3.Irresistible Offer

What is your service’s irresistible offer?
What will your clients find irresistible about your service?

4.Unique Safety Proposition

If you are selling a service which contains an element of risk for the client, what
is the safety proposition provided?
The greater the scepticism or resistance on spending by your target market, the
greater and more reassuring your safety proposition needs to be. You could offer
guarantees, warranties or even provide risk reversal by offering a money back

5.Unique Experience Proposition

What experience are you providing to your clients that others are not?
This comes down the notion that people don’t buy what you do, they buy how
you do it. Where people buy and pay premiums for services is often as a result
of the positive experience during the buying process and from the deliverable of
the service. Your unique experience proposition is likely to be the proposition
which sets you far apart from your competitors.

Setting yourself apart from your competition, without a focus on price by addressing
each of these propositions will change how your business operates and the mind set
in which you approach your sales and pricing strategy.

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