Law Squared's 2nd Birthday: a Founder's reflection

Technology, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) seeks to cut out the very work that professional service advisors do.

By Demetrio Zema, Founder & Director


Two years ago, I flew back into Melbourne after having spent four weeks in Bali. I landed equipped with a business name, a logo and a co-working space to call home. No website, no staff, no clients – just me.

Today, we celebrate Law Squared’s 2nd Birthday. 

I’m beyond proud of what we – now a thriving team across three cities – have achieved in that time.

I always say: starting a business is easy, keeping it alive is the hard part. While we’ve endured growing spurts (and pains), office relocations, and an industry slow to change, we have managed to build a fantastic reputation at the forefront Australia’s New Law movement. 

It’s been a true team effort and for this I am utterly grateful for everyone who has been a part of the Law Squared team and journey over the last two years.
Being a solo founder has its perks, but it also comes with challenges. Starting an innovative law firm at 28 was always a risk. The legal profession has existed for centuries before my birth, and many partners today uphold archaic symbols and reject progressive thinking. This, combined with the difficulties of any business in its infancy, made my vision seem almost impossible two years ago.

How did we do it?

I would be nowhere without the unwavering support and rally of founders, business owners, friends and family to believe in myself and my vision. Oh, and a great deal of time, money, love, dedication, passion and resilience!

As an entrepreneur I’ve learnt the power of being passionate and dedicated to creating change, and believing in your own vision even when others do not. The past two years have been a particularly challenging time personally, however, I have had incredible support and for that I am thankful beyond words.
I am also extremely thankful for the team and culture that has been built at Law Squared. While some have come and gone, each person has had their own impact without which Law Squared would not be the same.   

Some of our achievements over the past two years:

  • Grew to a team of 18

  • Set-up offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

  • Established a strong Advisory Board of leading business women and men in Australia

  • Received widespread recognition and standing within the entrepreneur and high-growth business community across Australia

  • Worked with some of Australia’s leading brands, businesses, entrepreneurs and companies

  • Established supportive partnerships and a strengthening community

This year has already seen Law Squared move into a new office in Melbourne (a little birthday present to ourselves), welcome new members to our team, and continue to grow our incredible base of clients and community.

I’m beyond excited for another year of Law Squared and want to thank every one of you for being part of this journey.
This firm was built on a vision to change the conversation people were having about lawyers. By working closely with entrepreneurs and high growth businesses, and reflecting on our growth and journey to date, I am confident we are fulfilling this vision.


At Law Squared, we partner with passionate entrepreneurs and businesses who need our technical help and expertise. We’d love to have a chat with you, so feel free to drop us an email hello@lawsquared.co.



Demetrio Zema

An accomplished entrepreneur and lawyer, Demetrio is the founder and director of Law Squared.


0417 679 007


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