Retail Leases & Commercial Leases

Entering a commercial or retail lease comes with substantial obligations and responsibilities. Whilst a business’ growth is dependent on its ability to negotiate a favourable or fair lease, it is often not a level playing field particularly if there are other interested parties in the space. Whether you’re looking for a new retail store, or a warehouse for your distribution and dispatch, getting clear guidance is important.  


What is it?

There are generally two types of commercial leases, Retail Lease and Commercial Lease. A retail lease is governed by specific legislation and usually relates to retail premises, such as shopping centres, shop fronts and similar commercial spaces. In Victoria in particular, the Retail Leases Act provides a relatively tenant friendly environment for both negotiations and dispute resolution. Commercial leases relate to all leases of commercial premises which are not retail spaces such as warehouses, distribution centres and factories.

Leases are rather complex documents and often contain indemnities, warranties and guarantees by a tenant in favour of a landlord. Leases also dictate the relationship between the landlord and tenant such as rental increases, interest rates and responsibilities and liabilities of the premises including outgoings and other fees. Understanding your rights, responsibilities and obligations under a lease and negotiating favourable terms may be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful venture.

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Named Australia’s most innovative law firm, Law Squared is a true alternative to the traditional law firm model offering a service which is efficient, and tech enabled. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane working with fast growth and large enterprises (including ASX listed entities) for all of their commercial law needs, Law Squared has four legal teams covering the areas of commercial, corporate, litigation and employment and workplace relations.

We offer a fixed fee, or Law Squared as a Service (LSaaS) arrangement for our clients ensuring transparency on costs at every step of the engagement.

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