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There are not many (if any) businesses which don’t capture customer and/or client data as part of their day to day interactions and engagements. From the collection of names, addresses, date of birth, email addresses and more, businesses need to have clear rules and guidelines on the collection, storage and use of individuals personal data. With the rise of cyber security awareness, obligations for businesses to mandatory report any data breaches and consumer awareness of their rights increasing, a Privacy Policy is an important starting point for many (if not all) businesses.


What is it?

Supply agreements are documents which establish various expectations between parties with respect to supply and distribution matters. Supply agreements are complex and are often used by a supplier to ensure that delivery of products are accurately reported and recorded as required. A supply agreement also sets out important legal terms and often provides clarity with respect to time, cost and delivery times. As such, it ensures that your business interest is protected should a supplier fail to meet their obligations. The key issues our lawyers can assist you in drafting includes pricing, volume, payment, exclusivity, duration, product quality, labelling requirements and dispute resolution mechanisms. This ensures that your experiences with a supplier goes smoothly and ensures that you do not inherit disproportionate liability for something that is beyond your control.

As a firm which has adopted NewLaw, our focus on using tech to improve legal services ensures that our lawyers prioritise experience as a major focal point in our service delivery. Upon commencement of work, our lawyers are readily available at short notice to discuss with you any matters or concerns. Given our robust understanding of our clients, many decide to

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Named Australia’s most innovative law firm, Law Squared is a true alternative to the traditional law firm model offering a service which is efficient, and tech enabled. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane working with fast growth and large enterprises (including ASX listed entities) for all of their commercial law needs, Law Squared has four legal teams covering the areas of commercial, corporate, litigation and employment and workplace relations.

We offer a fixed fee, or Law Squared as a Service (LSaaS) arrangement for our clients ensuring transparency on costs at every step of the engagement.

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