The modern legal system is archaic and unable to meet the needs of a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs and high growth businesses.

Why? Traditional law firms are determined to maintain strict hierarchies and the dysfunctional 'billable hour'.

This inefficient structure prevents innovation and tech-adaptability, resulting in outcomes that significantly cost clients in both time and money.



Our difference

Law Squared has been built around the principles of New Law to respond to these problems, and has a strong focus on building and supporting a community of entrepreneurs and startups.

Our firm is absolutely committed to its community and achieving client outcomes by providing our legal services in a more human way.



A relationship you can rely on

We aspire to meaningfully partner with you, our client. We aim to break down the barriers of legal knowledge and access by communicating in plain English, making our fees transparent and being truly engaged with all of your needs.

We act as your business' sounding board, so that we can respond to your immediate problems while also contemplating your business' overall strategy and goals.

We invest in and support a growing Australian ecosystem and community of entrepreneurs in order to assist in building better and stronger Australian businesses.

Pay for outcomes, not time

We are unashamedly upfront about our fees, and never charge our clients by time. Our transparent attitude towards fees is a true step away from the traditional model of the client - lawyer relationship.


We are proud to be a firm at the forefront of legal technology and innovation. Flexibility is at the heart of our processes, allowing us to adapt to new developments that increase our productivity and efficiency. Our team of tech-savvy lawyers have a profound understanding of the interaction between modern business and technology.

Lawyers who are determined to help you

We have abolished billable hours and individual financial budgets, measuring our lawyers' performance on outcomes alone. We empower our team to build and maintain client relationships and have removed the traditional hierarchy, ensuring that we focus foremost on your business.

By encouraging a positive and flexible work environment, our lawyers can focus solely on achieving outcomes for our clients and community.