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The Essentials

Thursday 28 September, 6-8pm

River City Labs, Brisbane


EVENT Description

It comes as no surprise that the legal industry has a very old and traditional heritage (we’re talking 2000 BC here). With its top-down business structures, pricey advice and, let’s be honest, language that’s stuck in the 18th century, law has seemed fairly immune to the wave of innovation that’s transformed industries like energy and transport. 

Well, that is until “New Law” entered the scene, turning an entire industry on it’s head by introducing tech and innovative ways of working into the mix, under the leadership of savvy millennial entrepreneurs. 

At the forefront of this is Law Squared — dubbed “Australia’s most innovative law firm”  by the Huffington Post — led by Demetrio Zema, Law Squared Founder & Director, and one very clever serial entrepreneur with a genuine passion for law.

With his laser-sharp focus on making legal exciting, easy and accessible for startups, Demetrio and his team has taken Law Squared from 0 to 15 employees (and expanding) in just 18 months, working with startups and growth businesses in the $1-20 million revenue range, across offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 



In this Founder Chat / Masterclass,  Demetrio will be interviewed by Linda Owerstrom, founder of Nova Australia and herself a serial entrepreneur, who will get into the nitty gritty of:

  • How Demetrio launched and grew Law Squared in such a short space of time (the exact mindset and strategies)
  • What it’s like to go against the grain and challenge a traditional industry
  • How he overcomes setbacks, manages his time and stays true to his vision, to keep progressing
  • The legal 101’s every entrepreneur needs to know (i.e. what you actually need to future-proof your startup)
  • Why he believes that the conversation around law needs to change, plus opportunities within the legal field and his vision for the future of the industry
  • Plus much more...

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