Having worked with many corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs and ASX-listed companies, Law Squared has a strong background in insurance and commercial litigation Australia-wide.

The services offered by our dedicated litigation team are outlined below. 

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the Litigation process

The first step in any dispute is to issue a letter of demand to the other party. It is a general occurrence that once a letter of demand has been issued, the parties are able to reach a mutually beneficial settlement. Issuing a letter of demand is an easy, cost effective and timely way to resolve your disputes.

Should litigation become necessary, it is our litigation team’s priority to steer the matter towards a mediation. A mediation is where the two parties to the dispute come together with an independent third party and discuss their main points in each argument. A mediation allows the parties to discuss the matter without such discussions impacting the final determination.

No matter what stage you dispute is at, our litigation team is willing and ready to help you achieve the best possible outcome.


General Litigation

Commercial and Contractual Disputes

Commercial and contractual disputes are quite prevalent in today’s society and we are equipped to assist you in achieving  your desired outcome. Whether it is a claim in relation misrepresentation, a simple contractual disagreement or a larger scale complex dispute, we are more than willing and able to assist.

Founder, Director and Shareholder Disputes

Sometimes in business founders, directors and shareholders do not see eye to eye and a point in time arrives whereby a dispute ensues and the parties require assistance and support in resolving these disputes. At Law Squared we have conducted many directors, founder and shareholder disputes from pre-litigation mediation sessions to legal proceedings.

Debt and Asset Recovery

There are numerous different ways in which a debt can be settled between the parties without necessarily taking the matter all the way through to a hearing. An initial letter of demand will always be sent before issuing legal proceedings. The letter of demand should carefully set out the issues in dispute and an amount which you will accept in satisfaction of the debt. Once the letter of demand has been sent, the door for negotiation discussions will often open. We can negotiate with your debtor’s on your behalf or alternatively, we can commence legal proceedings on your behalf Australia wide.

Bankruptcy & Winding-up

The process of bankrupting an individual or winding up a company is quite complex, but at Law Squared we have the necessary experience to enforce your debts against a debtor via these avenues. We attend court on a regular basis and can advise and represent you in these types of matters. 


Working with a number of insolvency practitioners and firms, at Law Squared we have the capacity and experience to pursue unfair preference claims, insolvent trading claims, and Director breaches under the Corporations Act


Insurance Litigation

Our litigation team is led by Demetrio Zema, who has extensive experience in insurance litigation working with some of Australia’s largest insurers and insurance brokers, litigation matters Australia wide.

We can assist in a vast range of insurance litigation including:

- Policy interpretation and coverage

- Motor vehicle and transportation

- Commercial claims

- Product liability

- Professional indemnity

- Public liability; and

- Directors and officers