Time to make sure your marketing is an asset rather than a potential liability? Law Squared has the experience and flexibility to seamlessly enhance your marketing compliance efforts without adding undue time or cost.

The services offered by our dedicated commercial team to help with your business' marketing strategy are outlined below. 

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How healthy is your marketing?

Love it or hate it, the quality of your consumer marketing can easily be the difference between success and failure. In an increasingly competitive market, companies are relying on multiple channels to get their messages out into the world. 

More often than not, speed is very much of the essence when it comes to assessing the mood of the customer base and targeting marketing appropriately. More and more companies are prioritising speed over compliance or relying on marketing staff to undertake basic compliance efforts rather than risk fatally slowing down the process by adding a further layer of oversight.

Unfortunately for advertisers, the Australian regulatory environment makes it highly likely that, in the medium to long term, advertisers can expect regulatory or consumer backlash if they are not properly vetting their advertisements. 

Advertisers continue to be hit with large fines under the Australian Consumer Law, and with increasing reliance on online and direct marketing, Privacy and Spam Act compliance should also be a top priority. Certain industries may be subject to more specialised regulation, and we specialise in navigating the trickier parts of the laws relating to financial services, insurance, telecommunication and automotive products and services. Even full compliance with the law may not be enough - a robust review system also incorporates the advertising codes of conduct administered by various industry groups.


Marketing Advice and Approvals

Our expertise includes traditional print, radio and TV advertising and extends to online (including affiliate marketing, Google Ads - formerly Adwords - and search engine marketing, trade promotions, email campaigns, social media, events/sponsorship arrangements and viral marketing). The best value we can provide is as a source of comfort that your marketing materials and strategies are hitting the right level of risk. We know that a conservative approach to marketing approval rarely works out - you've spent the resources on your marketing material and the last thing you need is a lawyer telling you to take out all the best parts. Our team understands the value of your product and will work with you to make sure your marketing strikes the right balance. 

We'll commonly be the last line of review before a piece is finalised, but we can also provide value earlier in the process by advising on structure, calling out key risks or helping your team to understand where the hard legal lines are drawn. 

Whether it's traditional media or sophisticated online marketing, we can add value at every step of the process. With the right support, you can make sure your marketing messages are known for the value they've brought to your business, rather than a source of regulatory or reputational risk.


Responding to Issues

A complaint from a customer or regulator can be jarring, but if you can handle it quickly and openly, the harm to your reputation - not to mention the bottom line - can be minimised. Out team has experience dealing with the full breadth of regulatory complaints, from initial contact all the way through to resolution.


Setting you up to succeed

Depending on your marketing activities, we can provide your staff with the skills and resources to carry out some, most, or all of the regulatory hard yards. With the right combination of training, manuals and custom-designed review aids, you could find yourself in a position where formal legal review isn't required at all. We'll always be around to assist if there's an edge-case or a change of strategy, so you'll never be unsupported.