Nhat Nguyen



Nhat is completing his final year of his Bachelor of Laws and Science degree at Monash University and is currently working as a Legal Project Officer for Law Squared, one of Australia's leading NewLaw firms. Nhat assists in developing content for the firm’s websites which includes coordinating blogposts/articles and works closely with senior directors on marketing initiatives to drive Law Squared as a law firm at the forefront of technological innovation. As a legal professional, Nhat believes that sincere and genuine rapport with clients is key to a firm’s success and aims to deliver his understanding of industry to improve Law Squared in this light.


Prior to Law Squared, Nhat has held multiple positions spanning corporate, government, and legal inhouse environments. Having interned for 8 months at CSIRO, Australia's leading independent research institution, within its Business Development and Commercial team, Nhat played an integral role in handling some of CSIRO's intellectual property including patents and trademarks. Further, Nhat has worked as a paralegal for 2 boutique private firms, volunteered in Court to assist the disadvantaged and as such, brings to the team a wealth of commercial expertise and industry knowledge.

To remain grounded amongst all the hustle, Nhat resorts to photography as his creative outlet. He believes that photography allows him to continuously search for the beauty around him and by extension, helps him focus on the positives in life as he moves into a new stage in his career.

Nhat’s future ambitions include starting a law firm, heavily inspired by Demetrio Zema, the founder of Law Squared.