The Law Squared Podcast


In this episode we go right back to Rupert’s Beginnings in New Zealand. Growing up with ADHD and dyslexia early life wasn’t easy for Rupert, or his parents, as he describes. But despite this Rupert started his very first business in his early 20’s.

Before this he went through a phase of telesales, odd jobs and even became a fully qualified Chef!

His first break came from solving his own problem. When Rupert went to start his own business and he just couldn’t find anyone with the design & digital skills around his area so he set out to solve his own problem.

After partnering with the right person Rupert created Vizualise & then out of this grew One Fat Sheep. Born out of a need to challenge conventional thinking and represent a cultural revolution that embraces collaboration, co-creation, creativity and recognition.

After this chapter came Plattar! With emerging technologies the hardest part is finding value in them from a business perspective. Before Facebook, Snapchat and Google had dipped their toe into AR Rupert was coming up with ways to make augmented reality valuable for businesses.

Their first client on Plattar was a pizza shop! They created an AR themed game through an app for the shop and it grew to over 40,000 downloads in just two months! Beating Facebook in the app store!

After this they went on to work with companies such as Red Bull, Nespresso, Unilever & many many others.

Aiming to be the wix, wordpress, weebly of AR platforms allowing companies to create their own AR app with their own branding! How good is that?

Rupert then discusses his journey about raising capital (I.e it’s always harder than you think!). Despite taking 6 months than the expected 3 Plattar ended up raising $1.1M lead by news corp in their seed round.

So with all this behind them whats next for Plattar? Well here’s a few things we discussed

  1. They just opened a new office in Singapore to hire new talent & go after bigger clients

  2. New marketing they’re looking at as they work up to their Series A funding

  3. Potentially an Exit at some point down the line to a big player.

If you’d looking for a way to literally put products in your customers hands then you should certainly check out Plattar.



Podcast Episode 2 | Mark Woodland – Founder & CEO of MyXplor

In this episode Mark shares his journey from the army through to selling his childcare business and eventually starting MyXplor.

Before Mark joined the army he was far from the average child, passing through 13 schools in total. Starting out as a Forward Observer and working his way up to a psychological examiner in the army, Mark has had some incredible experiences.

While Mark was away working in the army his mum decided to leave her long term career as a teacher and start her own childcare centre. Her passion for teaching was so strong however teaching in a school and running a child care business weren’t quite as aligned as she had hoped. After some calls with Mark, she convinced him to leave the army and to assist her in running her child care centre.

Upon his return, Mark soon realised that the childcare industry was highly regulated with strict processes and heavy administrative burden which he hadn’t quite foreshadowed.  There was so much admin involved that it almost became a full time job just signing parents in and out of the centre. He thought there had to be a better way.

It was here that MyXplor was born.

Mark set out to build a technology solution for his own centres and upon opening up a 200 spot centre with his technology, he saw the true power and potential for MyXplor.

One of the first problems to solve in childcare centres was the way parents signed children in. The technology has only grown and evolved from here.

After the success in his own centre and the eventual sale of that centre, Mark talks about the revolution MyXplor has led in the implementation of technology in child care centres. Mark has a growing team in Melbourne (over 70) and a team of 5 in the UK with a strong culture.

Mark has led MyXplor in two major capital raises both led by AirTree Ventures. Mark credits AirTree for helping his growth over the years.

An inspiring entrepreneur, a dear friend and client of our firm, we loved chatting with Mark and know you too will love his story.