Law Squared believes in adding value to the ecosystem and community of startups, entrepreneurs and growth businesses.

Law Squared firmly believes in the benefit of adding value to its community of startups, entrepreneurs and growth businesses. 

A serial entrepreneur and accomplished lawyer himself, Law Squared's Founder & Director Demetrio Zema participates in a variety of podcasts and radio interviews, some of which are included below.

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Milan Ghandi, Founder of The Legal Forecast, interviews Demetrio Zema at the Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice Summit in Sydney

Centre for legal innovation // October 20, 2017

Law Squared's Founder and Director Demetrio Zema discusses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of AI in the legal industry.


Demetrio Zema from Law Squared shares his startup and entrepeneurial knowledge with Jack Ferguson on Be the Push.

When Relying on Others Goes Wrong, Questioning Whether You Are On The Right Career Trajectory, And The Importance of Strong Hires with Demetrio Zema

Be The Push // November 15, 2017

Trusting other human beings to treat your business with the same care and passion that you would is tough. Finding them is tougher. On this episode Jack Ferguson talks to Demetrio about some of his past business's, and how relying on other people to do what you assume they will can have devastating consequences. Jack also talks about Demetrio's approach to hiring so that he ensures he gets the right employees on board, what he looks for in interviews, the non traditional questions he asks, and why. What about if you start a career but in your gut know it's not really for you after a few short months? Demetrio talks about how his passion didn't lie with Law and how he navigated away from a model he didn't believe in.


Demetrio Zema talks 

Demetrio Zema talks 

Demetrio Zema on Relationships, Billable Hours and Finding Your Perfect Niche

Beyond billables // October 13, 2017

Michael Bromley & Maciek Motylinski from Beyond Billables learn about Demetrio’s story, including his entrepreneurial wins and losses, and how he found his niche in the law.

They also dug into things like:

  • How changing the billing model fundamentally alters lawyer-client relations
  • Why an entrepreneur who’s driven by money alone will likely fail
  • The biggest complaints about lawyers and how Law Squared is addressing these
  • Why legal tech should be viewed as empowerment tools, not competition
  • How Law Squared fosters an open and cohesive work environment
  • Why authenticity is such a key characteristic for a lawyer to have
  • How Law Squared is changing the conversations between lawyers and clients

Demetrio Zema is interviewed on all things startup, entrepreneur, legal and tech.

Demetrio Zema and Law Squared on RRR's 'Byte into IT'

Byte into It // September 6, 2017

RRR 'Byte into IT' hosts Vanessa, Dan and Cassie interview Demetrio Zema.